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Imperative Defense offers three different consulting phyical security services for you to choose from. 


Accurate knowledge can make the difference to better prepare you or your organization to be safe during a real threat or bad situation.



Security Risk Assessments 

Imperative Defense can conduct a on site security risk assessment to determine how your facility can better be protected from or during a real threat.


All personell conducting the security risk assessment are experts in their field.


Overseas Travel

Imperative Defense will work with and train nonprofit organizations staff or volunteers (such as missionaries and businessman) who work overseas to help keep them safe.


Imperative Defense conducts security planning for overseas trips and upon client request can conduct scenario based training to help the group train to the security plan before departing for the trip.


Knowing what to do on an overseas trip is highly important to mitigate risk during a threat.


Mobile Consultant

Imperative Defense can travel with you to help make critical safety related decisions during overseas travel.


This type of consulting work is designed to have a professional who has experience in making security decissions while working in a high threat environment.


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